Behavioural Therapy

  • Categories: Children (Age 3-12)

Have you ever wonder the reason your kids keep getting poor results in their school activities no matter how many hours and different tuition curriculum you sent them to did not help much? The truth is, many kids have weak underlying cognitive skills which are crucial during their learning process, therefore affecting their learning abilities. Children with weak cognitive skills can often be seen as having the lack of motivation and confidence, and also low self-esteem.

Learning involves: ​

  • ​Attention / Concentration (The ability to stay focus)
  • Processing speed (The speed that one can digest information and respond to the environment)​
  • Memory (Ability to remember)
  • Comprehension (Ability to understand the meaning)
  • Visualisation (Ability to imagine and visualise)
  • Phonetic awareness (Discrimination ability)

With the aim to enhance and optimize children (age 3-12 years) learning abilities for a better concentration and a diligent mind, behavioural therapy programmes are implemented. These Verbal Behaviour and ABA techniques in combination with the neuro-brain training for our kids are targeting mainly kids with behavioural issues, from the mild to severe cases. With this, high chances there would be improvement in their brain performance effectively.

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