Neeuro Training

  • Categories: Children (Age 3-12)

Do you know that cognitive development is crucial for our children?

Cognitive skills such as attention, memory, learning style and decision making greatly influences the kinds of achievements or challenges our children experience in their daily lives. We all want the best for them, and it starts with brain training. Studies have shown that children with better cognitive skills do well in school. Just as physical exercise keeps our body in good shape, brain training flex and strengthen our mental muscles. Cognitive functions are important to how we operate and go about our daily lives. Imagine having to live without any of your five senses, or if you lost your ability to remember the faces of your loved ones. The need for cognitive abilities are amplified when it comes to academic work. For example, working memory and attention is necessary for math. Research has also shown that children with poor mathematics skills lack good working memory.

At Mind Culture, neuro training is practised in conjunction with individuals’ attitudinal and behavioural development for a more comprehensive advancement in one’s mental well-being.


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