Workshops & Training Programmes (Corporate)

  • Categories: Adults & Seniors (Age 21 & up)

Training programmes aids the progress and provide stability in individuals. Once a skill learnt, one has the ability to use throughout lifespan.

A common training topic for children and youth is Psychological Resilience. It is defined as an individuals’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity, and can be learned and a process that can be developed by many. Most research now shows that resilience is the result of individuals being able to interact with their environments and the processes that either promote well-being or protect them against the overwhelming influence of risk factors.These processes can be individual coping strategies, or may be helped along by good families, schools, communities, and social policies that make resilience more likely to occur.

In corporate settings, leadership development usually comes into picture. It aims to build individual learner characteristics and is likely to occur in an integrated range of developmental experiences over a set period of time (e.g. 6–12 months). These experiences may include 360 degree feedback, experiential classroom style programs, business school style coursework, executive coaching, reflective journaling, mentoring and more.

Training programmes are an essential part of every individuals’ developmental journey, whether in schools or corporate, promoting healthy mental characters and creating success in one’s life.

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