Behavioural Therapist

Cecilia Lee has graduated with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Australia) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Australia).

Cecilia began her journey in teaching and supporting children with diverse needs since 2014 as an Early Intervention Teacher in AWWA. She led and planned classes for children below age 7 with varied diagnoses, including Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, Speech and Language Delay, and other learning disabilities. She assessed the children and developed Individualized Education Plans for each child under her care. She also prepared transition of the children for moving on to mainstream primary schools or Special Needs schools. Cecilia then continued as a Special Needs therapist, conducting therapy for children who require additional behavioural or academic-related support in clinic, in homes or in schools. The therapies focus on building core skills (e.g. social communication, self-help) and foundational behaviour (e.g. instruction taking, critical thinking) to allow better facilitation of development of the child.
Cecilia is a certified Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) advanced user and an advanced user of the Assessment and Evaluation Programming System (AEPS), an assessment tool used throughout the EIPIC centres. She has also completed the DIR® 101 /FloortimeTM, a relationship-based intervention strategy that focuses on building emotional and social development.

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