Laila Zaidi

Laila Zaidi

Placement Practitioner

Laila Zaidi has graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychological Science from Australia. She is now pursuing her Master’s Degree in Counselling.

The demands of the ever-evolving field of human psychology and social interactions intrigue her the most. She is passionate about adding value to a society with stronger mental health and wellbeing. Her goal is to assist struggling individuals towards a healthier mindset and to provide guidance towards problem-solving and conflict resolution through counselling.

Laila began her journey towards student welfare at the age of 16 whereby she was a Peer Helper in her school. In an international school environment, she experienced and assisted peers from several different cultures experiencing cultural shock or adjustment difficulties. She has also worked as a Marketing Agent for 3 years and has experienced a diverse range of personality types that have given her ample insight into the different strategies towards managing them individually.

Most recently, she was a Counselling Volunteer in the La Trobe University Psychological Society in Melbourne, Australia whereby she assisted in handling a range of issues such as environment change for new students, adjustment issues, academic difficulties as well as financial constraints.

With her past experience and passion to guide individuals towards a healthier mind, she is ambitious towards continuing to work with a broad range of age groups and cultures for successful emotional, social and behavioural development.

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